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"We've been using these in our offices for over a month now and they have been problem-free. They run quiet. No foul smells (especially in the break room!). My allergies seem better. And no one has gotten sick.”

Dakota Bill, Amazon Customer

"We love our MEDIFY AIR purifiers. Day 1 we noticed a difference with no sensitivity to allergens floating around in our office space. Prior to use of that, we were experiencing allergy symptoms to include congestion, coughing, etc. We love the digital aspects of this. From turn on it goes green and is assessing the air quality in the space. If it goes/stays blue, we know we are healthy! If we ever have a change in air quality - it will alert us. Digital options are so easy to use: child-lock; timer (1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr); Auto-speed functions, etc.”

Chart, Amazon Customer

“I got this for my open concept office space in a dusty, old building. The approximately 800sqf space was well served by this air purifier and several team members, including myself, felt our allergies and dust reactions were significantly reduced. We would typically leave this on at the high mode the entire work day, which provided a nice level of white noise as we worked. Overall, would highly recommend.”

Sweta Maheshwari, Amazon Customer

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Create a safe environment for learning, working, and gathering

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  • Effectively reduce the spread of viruses and baceria
  • Decrease airborne allergens like pollen, mold, & dust
  • Remove toxins like asbestos, anthrax, smoke, and virus carriers too small for other filters
  • Absorb and neutralize odors with activated carbon
  • Eliminate VOCs from harsh cleaning chemicals and building materials

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Air purifiers recommended by CDC and EPA as part of a plan to reduce COVID-19 transmission

To date, Medify has supplied over 160,000 units to business owners as part of safe Back to Work efforts

Medify’s HEPA H13 filters capture more than HEPA-type or True HEPA