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Provide an Ultraclean Environment with Professional Grade Air Purifiers Provide a
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"At our office, we take our staff and our community’s health very seriously and we want to ensure our patients that it is safe to come and see us. Our infection control processes are made so you can receive care safely and comfortably. As you enter all our rooms, you will be greeted with a breeze of fresh purifying air from Medify Air.”

Dr. Scott Bonomo & Associates, Society Hill Dental

"We ordered 6 of these for our office and it gives us more peace of mind during COVID. The noise level on the first 2 settings is low and during lunch and breaks we run it at full power. We are very pleased with this purchase!”

Kaleidoscope Pediatric Therapy

“We use the Medify MA-40 air purifier in our dental office to help guarantee the best quality air for our patients. It is a very clean looking unit and runs very quietly. The controls are easy to use and the unit is very hygienic. We are very pleased with our purchase.”

Robert Sharp, DDS, MSD

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Create a safe environment for learning, working, and gathering

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  • Effectively reduce the spread of viruses and baceria
  • Decrease airborne allergens like pollen, mold, & dust
  • Remove toxins like asbestos, anthrax, smoke, and virus carriers too small for other filters
  • Absorb and neutralize odors with activated carbon
  • Eliminate VOCs from harsh cleaning chemicals and building materials

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Air purifiers recommended by CDC and EPA as part of a plan to reduce COVID-19 transmission

To date, Medify has supplied over 200,000 units to dentists, doctors, and healthcare facilities

Medify’s HEPA H13 filters capture more than HEPA-type or True HEPA